Rooms & Apartments in Ljubljana

Rooms & Apartments in Ljubljana Slovenia

New Rooms & Apartments in Ljubljana is located in a quiet area of Ljubljana, the Vižmarje neighborhood, 8 kilometers from the city center. Guests will love the quiet environment with little traffic and the fact that there are many gardens, trees and other greenery. The city center is at your fingertips – you can drive from our location by car, taxi or city bus. In all cases, the route is short and easy. We offer our guests a free use of the Urbana city card, with which they can pay for a city bus or rent a bike in the city. We offer 5 rooms that vary in size and offer. Because we find the numbers rather boring, we named them after the world’s capitals. But more on this in a separate section where the rooms will be described in detail.
Apart from being new, modernly furnished and comfortable, our accommodation is also distinguished by a large garden that boasts a mighty magnolia that is more than 40 years old and offers beautiful shade in summer. In the garden available for use by our guests we have a trampoline for children, a basketball set (basket and balls) and three tables, which can seat up to 13 guests at a time.
The tables are protected by sunshades or the roof so you can sit behind them even when the sun is shining. A large part of the garden is grass, which gives a pleasant feeling, and we also cultivate several types of chilli and tomatoes, which offer a pleasant view especially when full of ripe fruits.
We also offer each guest a free parking space, as many as 7. There is an additional airport shuttle, shuttle service to or from the airport. We also provide a lot of information to all our guests, including a city map of Ljubljana and a free travel guide in five languages (English, German, Italian, French and Spanish).
We can communicate with you in English, German and Croatian / Serbian and, of course, Slovenian. Room prices are good, but we also adjust them all year round depending on the season, so we think they are affordable for every pocket.
We are constantly investing and improving our apartments, all with the aim of giving our guests the utmost comfort and the best possible experience.

Come and see for yourself.